Thursday, 24 September 2015

Celebrity sex tape kim kardashian Why Popular and famous?

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Why Kim Kardashian Popular and famous?

Kim Kardashian is a woman of marketing genius. what he is marketing himself (Celebrity sex tape). Her seems to be showing off all but obsessive image edited and scripted. Kardashian is a perfectionist, and he is a workaholic obsessed with fame and money. He really obsessive and OCD about her image carefully.

Her is well-known women who have a connection. Robert Kardashian, her father, is a big-shot LA lawyer in the OJ Simpson case. He attended pre-school with Paris Hilton. Birthday party for his 14th held at Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch.
Many other young stars have a connection, but only a few have 32 million Twitter followers (more than Oprah, CNN, Bill Gates, or LaBron James). He used her connections to put himself in the spotlight at the right time. Nick Lachey claimed Kim Kardashian alerted paparazzi to date of their films in 2006 in an effort to get famous.

Sex sells. Kim Kardashian's rise to fame began in 2007 with the "leaked" sex tape starring her and rapper Ray J (brother of pop star, Brandy, and first cousin of rapper
Snoop Dogg). Again, many young stars have leaked sex tapes, but only a few are going to become a household name. Even fewer were worth $ 100 million. Kardashian symbolizes modern day dream Amerikan.

She section (a few). He is photogenic - with the great help of make-up, hair styling, photo-shop, and a closet expensive. And he did not shy ALL exploit it.

Kardashian is now married and a mother, and continues to be sexually outrageous. Successfully. She recently posed naked in the winter 2014 issue of Paper 's. Site paper 's receiving 15.9 million views in one day, compared to 25,000 visits on an average day.

Her husband, rapper Kanye West Photo paper that his highly sexual in Instagram. Kardashian also knocked on her sex tape, brag about their lifestyle: "Eat breakfast at Gucci .. my girl a superstar all from a home movie"

Kardashian has recently published a book, "Selfish," filled with selfies, mostly in swimwear.

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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Download anime indo online terlengkap

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